A night danced in full-time pumps, eight hours in work shoes or a hot day on the beach with flip-flops sticking between your toes are situations in which we want to replace uncomfortable shoes with slippers that provide incredible comfort. Currently, we use the achievements of earlier generations, who saw the potential of slippers. How did it come about?

Necessity is the mother of invention

The first mentions of slippers date back to the Middle Ages. The calf or pig leather clogs produced at that time resembled highlander hearts. They were supposed to protect the foot while walking or performing standard duties. They were, however, not necessarily comfortable, so with time the hearths which did not provide warmth were lined with fur. This is how slippers were created. Over the years, however, slippers have evolved and at the same time have become an exclusive product in the higher social strata. This was due to the fact that the animal skin was replaced with felt and all kinds of decorations were put on - and simple peasants could not afford it. You could have commissioned the sewing of such and such models - both more and less built-up; at the same time, the lower classes could only afford to distinguish between outdoor and domestic footwear.

Highlander slippers - a different name for each region

Many people find it difficult to name the products offered by slipper manufacturers. The dictionary of the Polish language in this area is quite rich and it is the result of both the evolution of this shoe and the accretions from foreign languages and dialect. In this way, each region of Poland can boast of separate terms. This is how it is worn in Małopolska highlander slippersPuppets are worn by Silesians, and claps are home footwear worn by the inhabitants of Częstochowa. In Pomerania you can meet the name of Szlory, in Kielce you wear shoes, and in the east of the country (in Lublin), ciapy is a popular name. Nomenclature is an individual matter and we would like to emphasize that in Fajne Buty we create products that, regardless of the name, provide what is most important - comfort.

Design evolution

Design highlander slippers (slippers, slippers, slippers and slippers on a national scale) today offers a huge range of options. The industrial evolution, the preferences of people wearing these shoes, the availability of materials, the purpose and creativity of the creators have led to a situation where absolutely everyone can find the perfect slippers. And this regardless of whether or not he is at all an advocate of wearing shoes at home. Storage shelves bend under women's slippers, children's shoes, men's models. You can choose from models with open and covered fingers; Slippers with a closed heel are equally popular. Traditional brown can be replaced today with grays, blues, reds or various prints. Leather that is originally used today is also felt, denim, velor or… rubber!


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