Women's clogs (catalog no. 633)


Women's clogs

Women's clogs from Cool Shoes is guaranteed high quality in every inch (or, if you prefer, a centimeter of surface).

Women's wooden shoes in various versions.

The standard and well-proven white on a clog is present on many of our products. But don't worry - we like a bit of madness, so there are also other color options. Powder pink, red or brown, or even a floral print? No problem! Non-obvious design is also the domain of other decorations; after all, no one said that the part covering the fingers must be fully enclosed, right? Our women's clogs they also surprise with subtle cuts, adding a unique charm to them.

By creating ours women's clogs, we rely on the best materials.

Comfortable women's clogs

Perfectly profiled and made with the greatest care, the shoe is responsible for the incredible wearing comfort. Even after many hours on the foot, it does not cause discomfort and tired legs,


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